November 07, 2003

Reporting for Duty

At long last...I'm back. My apologies for the interruption in blogging. Lots of traveling. New equipment. Technical problems. Guess this is why you do beta versions. I'm based in Colorado now...for about a month. Below is the view outside my window. Not bad huh? Today, I'm going to start looking at the truckload of seemingly good economic news in the last two weeks. The big numbers are the employment and business spending numbers. What are they really telling us? Is this a blip in the headlong descent into the unwinding of the economies structural imbalances? Or is it a new upward wave? Also, we need to look at an important big picture theme...the end of the secular bull markets in bonds and stocks...and the beginning of the secular bull in commodities. Much more of course, including a lot of resesarch material I've accumulated in the last month. Again, sorry for the delay. Glad to be back and looking forward to some new investment ideas (and a whole lot more). Dan P.S. I took the picture down because it was WAY too big...and on my new lap top I don't have any photo editing programs...yet.


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