January 28, 2004

Maybe Bin Laden Doesn't Matter After All

The U.S. said last week that al Qaeda is 70% out of commission. Yet with attempts on Musharraf's life in Pakistan...and this story below from the Straits Times...Bin Laden's dreamed for rebellion against the West may be taking root in just those countries he had hoped...especially in Saudi Arabia. Rebellion brewing in Saudi city - JAN 26, 2004: "SAKAKA (Saudi Arabia) - The tiny city of Sakaka in the remote al-Jouf province that borders Iraq may seem an unlikely setting for the beginning of a revolution against the ruling al-Saud family. But one does not have to spend too long here to realise that this is what is happening. Al-Jouf has witnessed an extraordinary level of political violence in recent months. The deputy governor, say local residents, was assassinated. Also shot down was the police chief, executed by a group of men who forced their way into his home. Even before these bloody incidents, the region's top Syariah Court judge was shot down as he drove to work early one morning. "


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