January 30, 2004

Quote of the Day: Scientficially Fraudulent Keynesian Mathematics

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for posting this quote from Greg Ransom at Prestopundit.com (emphasis added is mine). "There is not even the smallest thing "conservative" about tax cuts and spending increases as far as the eye can see. Republicans who pretend otherwise are selling a "free lunch" that wastes wealth, decapitalizes the country and burdens the next generation with a massive negative compound interest problem. All that is being done is a con job on public in which the people are fooled into thinking they and the country are wealthier than they really are -- and that government goodies are a costless "free lunch". Well, there is no free lunch. "The classic "unseen" cost of this "free lunch" shell game is the cost which will be born by later generations who will be burdened with the massive weight of government debt, rather than advantaged by the wealth stream made possibly by private sector capital goods investment. And again, this cost is far, far more massive than any Peter Pan big government Republican can ever imagine -- (and God help us if they attempt to use their scientifically fraudulent Keynesian mathematics, or, worse, the fantasy mathematics of "supply side" economics. It ain't 1962 folks, and it ain't even 1982).


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