September 15, 2003


"Anything that ain't poetry, fiction, or drama is rhetoric," so my classical rhetoric mentor used to say. Soup can labels, greeting cards, and photos in the newspaper. There's no such thing as communication for the sake of conveying a fact, unless you count the Weather Channel, and the Weather Channel is never right, therefore not factual. Take a look at the photos below, courtesty of AP, and one via Instapundit. Now ask yourself how much of what you see on T.V. or in the paper isn't staged or heavily influenced by the editorial opinions of so-called "objective" journalists...the same ones bringing you the quagmire in Iraq and the bull market on Wall Street. Is it Real...or is it...Not Real? "Quick, there's a camera. Let's burn a flag..." Everything printed is an effort to cause some change, in action, thought, or belief. It doesn't mean there isn't a version of events out there that more accurately reflects reality (the one I'm trying to put forward in the investment world.) But it does mean you should always be on your guard about being led around by the nose by the government AND the media.


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