March 04, 2004

The Heart Attack Formation

I'm not a doctor. But I do have subscribers who are. Got this note in reference to yesterday's OEX bullish percentage chart. Thought you might...enjoy. To: Dan Denning From: Dr. Fred B.(subscriber). Dan, In your most recent lead article in S.I. you show a chart of the S & P 100 Bullish Percent Index. That chart, if it were a electrocardiogram (and it looks like one), would be showing ventricular tachycardia. V-tac is what you get when you have a massive coronary and are about to die. In fact, everybody with that condition does die without immediate treatment, which includes shocking the heart with a massive jolt of electricity, called defibrillation. Looks like these bulls are about to die. Thought you would be interested in this observation. You have my permission to use it if you wish. Keep up the good work. God Bless You.


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