October 08, 2003

The Order of the Dragon

Here is more evidence that develops the case I laid out in the October issue of SI...namely that China and Asia already constitute a larger economic zone than Europe or North America. The article says that, "But freer trade might not be Beijing's most important goal -- after all, China can manufacture, export and grow with or without a trade agreement with Southeast Asia. As China works to emerge as a world power, experts say it is using its trading prowess to extend its political clout, in part by promoting itself as a good neighbor that can shepherd the entire region to greater prosperity." It's a simple formula really. One used by the French, the Spanish, the British, the Americans...and now the Chinese. Economic power leads to military and political power. In fact, seldom can a nation state become and remain a military power if it doesn't have the economic power to fund its war machine. China, for its part, is buildinging an economic war machine. And while the U.S. frets about the dollar and competitive exports...a whole new economic order is taking shape in Asia.


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