February 03, 2004

Big Brother is...Scanning You

I can't decide whether this is good....or bad....from today's Washington Post Code Orange: Glowing Lawyer (washingtonpost.com): "Take, for example, an incident involving a Washington lawyer of a certain age who went to his doctor a few months ago for a routine heart checkup. (No, no, despite his profession, a heart was indeed located.) The exam included a stress test with injection of a radioactive isotope -- most likely technetium or thallium -- which helps illuminate the heart muscle during exercise. The doctor told him he passed. The elated lawyer says he left work several hours later and was driving along I Street NW between 16th and 17th when a police car with lights flashing zipped up behind him. An officer on a bicycle pulled alongside. What could this be? Couldn't be speeding, a red light or a stop sign. 'Sir,' the officer explained, 'you were not pulled over because of a traffic violation. You were pulled over because you are radioactive.' After about 15 harrowing minutes of some discussion, checking of license and ID"


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