March 08, 2004

Brilliant! The Sun Goes Down in the West

Only a few hitches getting settled in and started from the London offices this morning, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. First, a tip, if you ever need to take the Eurostar from Paris and London but aren't particular about when you arrive during the day, book at the last minute. The last two times I've done that I've been sold a first class ticket at a coach price. Turns out all the coach seats were sold out. Not a bad deal. Second, I'm not sure what it says about your life that you can pack up, get on a train, move in, and unpack, all in about 36 hours. It means you probably don't have a lot of "things," which is true for me right now (although I did give a lot of books away before I left Paris.) Kind of a nice feeling though, not beholden to your "things" simply because you don't have many of them. I did bring the "good things," though, one of which includes my digital camera (which I plan on getting better at using. Below is today's sunset, looking, as you might guess, west and slightly south (out of view to your left is the Thames)


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