March 25, 2004

Quote of the Day: Withdraw Your Consent to Be Governed and Go to Jail

"The indictment today reminds us that fulfilling individual tax obligations is a legal requirement and those who willfully evade that responsibility will be prosecuted," --Nancy Jardini, overseer of criminal investigations for the Internal Revenue Service, on the indictment of anti-tax author Irwin Schiff or conspiracy to defraud the United States government. Denning comment: how about a class action lawsuit against the Fed for conspiracy to defraud the people of the United States...or the IRS for armed robbery (collect taxes through coercion and the threat of force)....nahh, after all, a conspiracy, according to the American Heritage dictionary, is an illegal plot. Since Congress makes the laws, and made the law that created and empowered the Fed, I guess it's not illegal, strictly speaking (though I'm not a lawyer). And it's probably not a conspiracy either. The Fed hasn't hid its intention to devalue the dollar by accommodating so much money creation. That leaves fraud. And there, I think the people of the United States have a case. They have a government that spends more than it earns (even when it confiscates its earnings). That goverment borrows in the name of the people to avoid making decisions about what the country can reallly afford. And the managers of the "people's money" have destroyed its purchasing power over time. Yep, sounds like fraud to me. Or just incompetence.


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