October 13, 2003

Some jobs gone for good

This article shows that the change in the economy is starting to sink in with folks. It is not a garden variety recession. It's an inexorable change in the economic fortunes of Americans. The gravy train is running off the rails. And anyone who's just along for the ride is in trouble. Unfortunately for the folks in the industries which are no longer competitive, the same jobs aren't coming back. There may be new ones, in new industries. But the old ones are most likely, as the article says, gone for good. "My dad used to preach to me to find a decent job and marry it, don't move around and around like he did,' said Peavler, whose husband, Roy, also worked at the plant before it closed in April. 'So I took his advice . . . but it didn't do me any good.' More workers like Peavler are finding themselves in similar straits in a labor market that is behaving differently in this economic cycle. In past downturns, employers cut large numbers of jobs in temporary layoffs, then called workers back once a recovery began. Although the economy continues to rebound, most of the 2.7 million jobs lost since early 2001 won't be coming back, analysts say. In many cases, companies are cutting jobs and limiting hiring because of structural changes in their businesses and the broader economy"


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