January 19, 2004

Link for History Buffs

I don't have the bandwidth or patience to check it out now, but over 5-million aerial reconnaissance photographs from World War Two go on line Monday at www.evidenceincamera.co.uk . I tried looking this morning but the server was under siege. There was some irony to even finding the link. The apartment next to mine is a monthly rental, so the guests from all over the world roll in and out regularly....Spain, Japan, and last night Germany. The Germans were having a good time last night...and all night, which is why I woke up to do some work and find the Reuters story referring to the new photos. Nearly sixty years later...it's hard to imagine Europe so totally at war. Today...you're as likely to hear German in Paris as you are any other language....yet there's no 1,000 year Reich to speak of.


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