January 20, 2004


I can't publish it because it would violate copyright laws...but take a look at the picture at the link below. And then tell me you don't think fascism in America could come from the left. http://apnews.myway.com/image/20040119/DEMOCRATS_DEAN.sff_PCS110_20040119233102.html?date=20040120&docid=D806B5DG By the way, notice how quickly the media turned on Dean, taking and publishing pictures like this? I wonder why...maybe the media began to worry that Dean couldn't beat Bush...and did their best to alter the race in favor or a more temperate Democrat. Or maybe Dean just got everyone's nerves a little too often with this kind of angry hulk routine. In either case, Gephardt's out, Dean's on the ropes...and John Kerry....Johh Kerry....is the front runner. Go figure. Kerry was somehow for the idea of war, but not the war itself. He's for eliminating parts of the Department of Agriculture, but not farm subsidies. He possesses that unique political talent for decisive-seeming waffling. He's as vapid as Bush and probably a bigger spender (although Bush has established his bona fides as a big spender.) The whole shameful spectacle of pandering to voters with financial promises is only going to get worse as we gear up to November. Gag. All of the candidates remind of a quote from John Flynn about Giovannia Giolitti. Giolitti won four consecutive elections to stay in power in Italy right up until the start of the Great War. Of him, Flynn says: He was a master politician. He little understood the dark forces that were undermining his world. He was one of those ministers whose first aim is to remain in power. His business was not to solve problems but settle disputes and to win the votes of deputies. This he did by avoiding fixed principles and relying on an ever-shifting opportunism. He spent and borrowed freely without scruples. He promised with liberality. He was all things to all men, took no firm stand against any school, compromised, soothed, and wheedled.


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